Pick of the year 2019 / 2020

30th December 2020

At the turn of the year, I was busy with moving to a new apartment and preparing for a new job so I didn't really have much time to collate a list of my favourite images of 2019. Consequently, I have shown my favourites from 2020 and a couple from 2019.

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, particularly those who have lost loved ones to the virus. Those of us who enjoy landscape photography have had to learn to adapt, often creating images closer to home than we would like. Here, in Switzerland, the initial lockdown in March was, fortunately, not so harsh that I was prevented from getting out and about. Then the summer easing allowed me and my partner to travel by car to Provence before a tightening of international travel restricitions limited my excursions to my home country. Looking back, the year has not been unkind to me photographically and the Covid-19 restrictions allowed me to revisit familar haunts with a fresh eye.

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