Pick of the year 2021

30th December 2021

2021 started out with a lot of hope that vaccines would soon spell the end of the pandemic and I approached my image-making with a new-found optimism. Opportunities to get out and about with my cameras were numerous and I took full advantage, producing a bunch of images which pleased me greatly. However, the optimistic mood was set to change when, in December, the Omicron Variant rapidly became dominant and a resigned sense of 'here we go again' took hold.

Looking forward, one can only hope that 2022 finally marks the beginning of the end of the virus that has dominated all our lives for so long - or, at least, a way of living with the infection that doesn't impact our lives significantly.

Photographically, I am starting to explore options for replacing my ageing Sony DSLR with something a little more recent. Whilst it continues to do sterling work, as it has in the nine years since I bought it, I am aware that the digital world has moved on and what was once revolutionary is now old hat. I am currently exploring hybrid solutions, combining the meticulous way of working of large format film with the convenience of digital. It will be interesting to see where this takes me...