Snow Boat
The tiny hamlet of Biaufond sits right on the frontier between France and Switzerland. Consisting of not much more than a handful of houses and a small restaurant catering to fishermen and other visitors, it is serviced by a narrow road running along the side of this reservoir and on up to the Swiss rim of the gorge. The elegant steel bridge depicted here is actually the frontier crossing, marked by the border post just visible on the Swiss side (to the left). Switzerland recently signed up to be a part of the Schengen open-borders zone and the frontier is now little more than a mere geo-political convenience.

I arrived in conditions of intermittent snowfall and immediately felt this quiet scene, with its brooding sky and light covering of snow, had a melancholy aspect that I was keen to capture - despite the light, which was far from having that special quality for which landscape photographers fervently hope.
Location: Biaufond, Western Switzerland
Date: 02.2009
Medium: 5x4 transparency