Verzasca Reflections
The area around Lavertezzo, in the Val Verzasca, is somewhere I have been returning regularly ever since moving to Switzerland some twenty years ago. This little spot is always a joy to visit and there are limitless compositions to be found here.

While I was setting up my camera, the sun was sitting conveniently behind some cloud but by the time I had finished faffing about with my large format camera and was ready to shoot, it had started to emerge. Thinking it would mess everything up with harsh shadows everywhere I started swearing. Loudly. Then I looked again. Luckily there was still some light cloud moderating the worst of the constrasty light so I thought, "OK. Let's do it!" Shortly after packing up to go, some thicker cloud rolled in to provide the nice diffuse light I wanted in the first place. Still, I think I made the right decision to go with the slightly iffy light...
Location: Val Verzasca, Ticino, Switzerland
Date: 11.2020
Medium: 5x4 colour negative